About Us

About GoodLife Pathways

We are a fee-based consulting service dedicated to helping senior adults and their families navigate the legal, financial, health, medical, housing, moving and social and other issues that all aging adults face.

GoodLife Pathways is the only full service provider that bundles all the issues Seniors and their adult children, of whom many are the Boomers, face; you can do it piece-meal; or, you can take advantage of GoodLife Pathways and let us help you with your senior living and lifestyle choices.

Our job is to do the research and work for you.

  • We can do it all for you; or,
  • We can offer guidance as you consult with us, on an as needed basis; or
  • We can give you the tools to do your own independent research.

Simplify the Process
We simplify the process by connecting you with quality service providers that are in numerous sub-categories that can meet your needs within these 4 major categories: Legal/Financial; Health/Medical; Housing/Moving and Social and Other Services. These 4 categories are found under “How We Work”. (Note: we will be adding a 5th category soon on “Business and Other Services” for adult children and Boomers still in the workplace who need qualified providers too!) 

We offer three proprietary services:

  • GoodLife Providers – A directory of legal, financial, health, medical, housing, moving and senior support services. We have pre-screened all the Service and Product Providers to ensure your trust.
  • GoodLife Communities – A listing of retirement communities: independent living, assisted living and other senior housing options presented with easy-to-find maps and Summary Sheets of benefits and features on each community. You will also be able to view Community Comparisons on your favorite communities.
  • GoodLife Realtors – A group of Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) who have been trained to better serve the needs of aging adults who need to right-size by marketing and selling their homes or possibly buying a smaller home, condo or town home that is more manageable for their current lifestyle needs.

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